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Friday, July 25, 2008

Enhanced Pharmaceuticals

Recently, there was a blog about our company, Enhanced Pharmaceuticals, that elegantly described our technology and the hurdles that it faces for future development.

See -

I couldn’t have said it better.

My wife, who is a doctor, suggests that I need a better way to describe this technology to the public. She has suggested that I use the example of a heroine addict who uses more and more heroine, but achieves less and less of an effect from the drug. Our research suggests that by using a specific combination of heroine and an anti-heroine drug, the effect of the heroine can be maintained and not diminished through continued use.

This research requires additional work, but it holds great promise for designing safer and more effective drugs that target receptors. In our research, we’ve found this to be a general phenomenon for a number of commonly used drugs (usually called G Protein-Coupled Receptor, GPCR, activating drugs, which comprise over 30% of all pharmaceuticals). These drugs include the drugs used to treat asthma, shock, heart failure and Parkinson’s disease among others. So the potential is vast, but alas our funding isn’t.

Anyone wishing to invest in this important venture should contact me at for further details.

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