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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stop Human Trafficking Resources

Human Trafficking Resources Sites:

1) Latest news -
2) National: Report Human Trafficking/Get Help - Call 1-888-428-7581, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST
3) NYC Let’s End Human Trafficking -
4) NY Asian Women’s Center - Call 24 hr multilingual hotline - 1-888-888-7702
5) Truckers Against Trafficking - (National Hotline Number for truckers - 1-888-373-7888)
6) Polaris Project -
Multilingual National Hotline-1-888-3737-888
Korean Hotline-1-888-976-5274
Spanish Hotline-1-888-80-AYUDA
7)The CNN Freedom Project - Ending Modern Day Slavery
8) FBI Human Trafficking Website -
9) Demi & Ashton Foundation - dnafoundation -
10) UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking -
11) Human Trafficking from Wikipedia -
12) Twitter lists to end human trafficking:!/list/aplusk/end-slavery!/list/rlanzara/stop-human-trafficking-6
13) A Web Resource for Combating Human Trafficking -
14) Human Sex Trafficking -
15) Stella Rotaru -
16) GEMS -

Friday, April 15, 2011

True Education Begins With Questioning

There's a difference between being educated and being smart. Smart people aren't always educated and educated people aren't always smart. Education isn't what most people think it is... It's an internal dialogue that begins with questioning. This is uncomfortable for many people, but we find ourselves increasingly in a world of competing ideas with very powerful forces attempting to sway the battle for our loyalties. Those who take many things at face value will feel whipsawed by the swirling and ebbing tides of battle. Those who live in a darker world will struggle against the angels of their better natures and live a lie. But those who understand that the true measure of wealth is the ability to help others, will see clearly their way forward. Many will loosen their chains of ignorance and free their minds to question underlying assumptions. Only then, can many be considered truly free.

Education is for anyone at any time, but it requires a receptive mind and the proper environmental and social conditions to encourage it in the young. Our efforts to “reform” education with more bureaucracy or more money only show our ignorance of a true education. Teachers aren’t the problem. The children aren’t the problem. The bureaucracy that fails to know that a true education needs to be nourished and grown like a garden for children to engage and explore in are the problem.

Play and education are what most children do naturally in a safe and supportive environment. Chop the bureaucracy and allow children to learn with the teachers who care enough to support and nurture them.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Complexities in Understanding Our Receptors and How We View the Universe...

Previously I mentioned that there exists a devilish complexity in the vast array of chemical and biological modifications that can alter the free thiol or sulfhydryl group, which is the reactive group of the essential amino acid, cysteine, in many important biological proteins ( Thiol groups are vitally important for their ability to form disulfide bonds with other thiol groups and to form either reduced or oxidized (redox) forms as well as oscillating between acid and base states ( Any one of these forms may further interact reversibly or irreversibly with a panoply of other chemical and biological molecules. Since most all of the G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) that have been studied have thiol ( or disulfide (two thiols linked together) groups, this creates a very complicated picture to understand these receptors’ active and inactive states ( This is important in order not only to understand how these receptors work, but to understand how we sense reality ( since our sensory receptors are GPCRs. These are also the receptors that are targets of over fifty percent of our pharmaceutical drugs. Understanding how our receptors work at the molecular level is an awe inspiring undertaking, because these are the molecules that link our thoughts and senses to the universe. Understanding how they function may open new frontiers for us to truly understand our place in the cosmos.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Interesting Links on Receptor Musings: End Human Trafficking Links

Interesting Links on Receptor Musings: End Human Trafficking Links

End Human Trafficking Links

Ending Human Slavery in Our Lifetimes
I’d like to believe that there is a science to ending human slavery in our lifetimes. If not, then I’d like to begin such a process. Certainly the power of the internet could be harnessed to fight against such barbarity.

The Sex Slave Industry:

The sex slave industry is one of the problems that contributes to human slavery (for some important links regarding this problem, see Stella Rotaru By calling attention to this problem, which exists everywhere, yes everywhere, you may be able to put press on lawmakers and others to raise the awareness of such problems and begin processes to end it.

Human Trafficking:

Sites that can serve as beginning points for understanding the aspects of human trafficking are: and

How to Stop Human Trafficking:

Although there are several sites suggesting ways to combat human trafficking, we need a higher level of response from everyone. Some sites that suggest ways to stop human trafficking are:,or.&ech=1ψ=_OVrTcKnHMP68AbQjO3eCw12989168821933&emsg=NCSR&noj=1&ei=_OVrTcKnHMP68AbQjO3eCw . If you send anyone resources to stop human slavery or trafficking be sure to follow up and see whether or not your contribution is doing what you thought it was designed to do. Following up is very important whenever you give to charities or other causes, because unfortunately, there are always those who try to profit from others misfortunes.

Hopefully this can be the start of a resource for people committed to ending human slavery.