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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tooting My Dad’s Horn - “The Secret Life Of Jesus And Mary Magdalene by Richard J. Lanzara”

Since retiring as a lawyer, my Dad has taken up writing as his new career. This is his third book, The Secret Life Of Jesus And Mary Magdalene by Richard J. Lanzara, ( Beyond Jesus’ and Mary Magdalene’s personal relationship, he has also done a great deal of research to understand the spiritual lives of Jesus and Mary. This work represents a completely new and previously unchartered realm from a mystical perspective that no one has previously written. This makes it a particularly exciting book to read, because it tries to address many of the mysteries surrounding Jesus’ life.

The book gives a unique status to Mary as one of Jesus’ most important disciples. Jesus taught her secret spiritual mysteries that he didn’t teach to his other disciples. The nature of these mysteries are revealed in this book for the first time. Of course this is from the perspective of my Dad, but I know that he has explored these mysteries for many decades and has now shared them here in this book. This work represents many years of Dad’s scholarly readings of many mystical writings and therefore also represents a synopsis that no one could hope to get anywhere else.

For those who search for an understanding into these mysterious realms, I highly recommend this book. Those who approach these mysteries with the mind of an inquiring child will be rewarded with a deeper and richer understanding of these spiritual secrets.