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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Welcome to my blog. First, a bit about what I'd like to share with those of you searching netspace:

I've discovered something truly remarkable. I'll try to explain it by suggesting that you first check out this gedanken experiment at and then, and then These simple physical experiments demonstrate something very profound about a two-pan balance that to my knowledge hasn't been adequately explored or addressed before.

Although some of Archimedes' notebooks are lost, this discovery points to a fundamental equation of equilibrium that may have been previously discovered, but was lost (see - This fundamental equation may revolutionize how scientists view everything from cellular receptor activation to complex, nonlinear systems (see - Weber's law or's_Law.pdf and Graphics and Digesting this requires some time, but only a basic understanding of algebra. Those who try will be rewarded by the elegant simplicity of the fundamental equation of equilibrium that may hold the key to several complex problems today.

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