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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cyborgian webnets of the future?

One thing I do know is that things will change one hundred years from now. In one thousand years, we may not recognize our world of nations. After one hundred thousand years, we may not recognize ourselves as human beings. Until those times, things will change at relatively rapid rates.

In the future, when parents will have to extract their children from the web-link where they grew to young adulthood, we will be confronted with an ever increasing sense of what are we and what are we becoming. Our future selves may have many advantages that our present selves lack. Rapid biological repair, brain and memory enhancement, directed world-wide and personal communications, virtual instant travel, virtual training and education are a few of the possible future advantages that we may have. However, there will also be many others who don’t have these enhancements due to mass movements because of disease outbreaks, superstitious practices, climate change, wars and economic upheavals.

Until these interesting times, I’m blessed with an interesting network of connections, which I will list in no particular order here:

This is but a sampling of interesting links that will eventually go extinct, but until that time -enjoy!

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