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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Discovery

Since filing my first patent on September 30, 1992 (see -, those who do not understand pharmacological theory want to understand what it is that I’ve discovered. My discovery has been that by combining agonist (or activating) drugs with antagonist (or inhibiting) drugs in specific ratios we can modulate the dose-response relationship to achieve whatever effect we want. This means that we can design new drug combinations that work better than the agonist (or activating) drugs alone. This is a potentially huge market as these drugs comprise roughly more than 30% of all drugs currently being sold. My unique contribution is that by combining drugs, we achieve beneficial effects without having to design new molecular drug entities. These drugs are already on the market and have been FDA approved so their actions and side effects are well known. By using these specific drug combination ratios, we can create safer and more effective drugs now if only we had more interest from the investment community.

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